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Industries We Serve

Our expertise in successfully delivering innovative solutions to unique challenges spans across the private, public, and non-profit sectors and almost all industries.

BiAJ has practical hands on experience and connections in Start-Up, Tech, Financial & FinTech, Education, Private Health, Local & Federal Government, NFP, Fast & Slow Foods, Fashion, Sports Management, Child Care, Aged Care, Heavy & Light Industry, Manufacturing, Semiconductors and Components, Advertising, Publishing, TV and Internet Media, Landmarks & Entertainment venues, Theatre and more... 


With core skills and experiences portable across many industry lines, at Brains in A Jar we draw on our proven cross-industry experience, to bring a unique perspective and solutions to the common issues that affect all organisations and help businesses Develop a WOW culture.


BiAJ will support your organisation to navigate and stand out in an increasingly complex and noisy landscape, whatever the industry you serve.

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