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True value through tried and tested processes and methodologies

BiAJ’s processes and Methodologies have been developed and fine-tuned over the last 25+ years, resulting in our 2 main inter-linked methodologies and processes, WoW and the Timeline process. 


At Brains in A Jar, we know how to start & create transformation that is inclusive and effective, growing the bottom line to support all involved to reach their own and collective WoW!


We look at the whole picture of your organization, guiding you to engineer holistic and effective transitions.


Whatever your company is facing, be it a merger or acquisition, the upcoming retirement of key leaders, a new strategy rollout or the need for overall organisational alignment — we bring the unique combined perspective of driving team engagement with business results to solve the issues of your unique situation.

Without systems and processes, people create Inconsistency.

We look beyond the immediate panorama of an existing culture, its behaviours, expectations, and norms but use them as factors to create innovation and processes that work incrementally, to consistently create growth and WoW moments.


We do this by:


1.    Acknowledging biased thinking
(Mindfulness of the human tendency to simplify & repeat)
2.    Absorbing knowledge and ideas from any source
(Openness to experiences and alternate ways of thinking)
3.    Recognising that the inherent value of separate, unconnected components, (based on experience) can combine to create a new panorama (Innovation) 
4.    Create where possible Automated / Process-driven opportunities to create Surprise and Joy. 
5.    We develop people-centric Systems & Processes that enable consistent perception and deliver WoW experiences.
6.    WoW experiences are linked to the timeline process as they are timed to deliver a managed experience at a pre-determined engagement point that is anticipated before potential issues being generated or to ensure positive resolution and perceptions of any specific issue or process.

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