Brains in A Jar (BiAJ) is an internationally recognised Strategic Business Development Practice
with consultants across Australia and NZ.

BiAJ are consultants that deliver increased ROI through innovation and 28 years of Global-Multi-Industry experience.

We specialise in Board and SMT level strategy facilitation and mediation. 

Think of us as your collaborative, multi-disciplinarian, senior management team in your organisation wide strategic planning process.


We look at your business from every angle; people, competitors, systems, technology, governance and trends
to develop strategies that make your organisation deliver WoW!

Create everyday moments that Surprise & Delight.
WoW, is a Way of Working!

BiAJ create WoW cultures

We develop & deliver WoW through Research, Insights,
Strategy and Solutions.


Wow, Its a Way of Working!

BiAJ Created WoW cultures

Transforming to WoW can be scary, but it’s also invigorating, exciting, contagious and delivers; amazing company culture, customer service, value, speed, ease, flexibility, happiness, belonging, pride, clarity, accessibility, trust…

We create insights from your data that can be used to develop systems and processes that consistently deliver WoW experiences for your customers.

We implement robust systems and processes that strengthen the organisation for maximum simplicity and efficiency, allowing the brand personality and those in the organisation to flourish.

BiAJ knows how to start & create transformation that is inclusive and effective, grows the bottom line and supports all involved to reach their own and collective WoW.

Critical thinking based on experience and data allows the development and implementation of strategies and systems & processes in a logical and inspiring way that allows the organisation to optimise all areas of the business. 

Our People, Industries & Partners

BiAJ Brains are positive disruptors. Creating innovation and change whilst mindful of people and culture.

With an average 25+ years’ experience and exposure to a multitude of industries, technologies and projects; a diverse landscape of clients, behaviours and biases, and a broad spectrum of problems, solutions, successes and failures, our diverse and varied group of Brains show a level of sagacious thinking that can be applied effectively to your industry and deliver WoW across the organisation.

BiAJ understands how to deal with the humanity and realities involved in the business, allowing it to create additional value and where needed, profound change.

BiAJ delivers and creates innovation in behaviour, thinking, products and processes that are strictly evidence-based.


We don’t re-invent the wheel, but we don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Instead, we collaborate with you to craft a truly comprehensive strategic plan that spans, fits and can be implemented across the whole business to deliver WoW moments at each human touchpoint.

Using combinations of existing and where possible, proven building blocks, BiAJ will deliver totally new, unique and effective ways of operating for your organisation.

BiAJ have hands-on experience in Financial & FinTech, Building and Construction, Developers, Education, Government and Private Health, Local & Federal Government, Fast & Slow Foods, Fashion, Sports Management, Child Care, Aged Care, IT, Heavy & Light Industry, Manufacturing, Semiconductors and Components, Advertising, Magazines, NFP, TV and Internet Media, Landmarks & Entertainment venues, Theatre and more... 

Looking beyond today and tomorrow…..


BiAJ has the skills and development partners in place to research and advise on opportunities for now and for tomorrow.

Start your transformation process today with a chat with one of our Principal Brains.



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