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We create frameworks based on data and clear pathways from defined strategies. 

We specialise in Board and SMT level strategy facilitation and mediation. 

Think of us as your collaborative, multi-disciplinarian, senior management team in your organisation wide strategic planning process.

We implement robust systems and processes that strengthen the organisation for maximum simplicity and efficiency, allowing the brand personality and those in the organisation to flourish.


Critical thinking based on experience and data allows the development and implementation of strategies and systems & processes in a logical and inspiring way, that allows the organisation to optimise all areas of the business. 


BiAJ create transformation that is inclusive and effective, grows the bottom line and supports all involved to reach their own and collective WOW.


Whatever the challenge, we can help your organisation drive significant organisational and productivity improvements through strategy, process improvement, organisational design, change management, program management, technology and human capital consulting.

 Strategy Consulting

We don’t re-invent the wheel, but we don't believe in one-size-fits-all.
Instead, we collaborate with you to craft a truly comprehensive strategic plan that spans, fits and can be implemented across the whole business to deliver WoW moments at each human touchpoint.


Think of us as your collaborative, multi-disciplinarian, senior management team in your strategic planning process. We look at your business from every angle; people, competitors, systems, technology, governance and trends—to develop strategies for overcoming new market growth and operational challenges.


We’re results-oriented partners creating your evidence based strategy as a living plan that can be measured along the way and adjusted to course-correct.



  • Strict Evidence Based Strategic Planning

  • Strategy Development: Sales, Marketing, Channel, Partners, Product, Loyalty/Engagement, Systems/Processes/Technology

  • Beyond the Horizon Strategy

To deliver WoW and ensure integration of all business strategies, we include research and/or development of:

  • Disruption Strategies

  • Enterprise Business Architecture

  • Sourcing and Procurement

  • Organisation & Operations Transformation

  • Program Management

  • Business Case Research and Development

  • Human Capital Strategy and Implementation

  • Program Development

  • New Channel and Opportunity Research

  • Financial Modelling of Opportunities, Existing or New Programs

Human Capital


Our expertise in this area comes from our broad experience across industries and our own commitment to ongoing internal development.

We apply our deep understanding of the relationship between an organisation’s culture and its business outcomes to grow strong employee engagement from the ground up. We develop solutions that are embraced, effective, enduring and give staff the tools to deliver WOW.



  • Competency Modeling

  • Hiring Process Improvement

  • Performance Management

  • Succession Planning

  • Training Strategy and Design

  • Work/life Strategic Planning and Program Management

  • Leadership Development


Change Management


We look at the whole picture to help you engineer holistic, effective transitions.

People are unique. Reaction to change is universal.

Brains in A Jar helps your people own change by engaging them as true partners in the process. With respect for individual experiences and an emphasis on building relationships, we help you achieve your vision for change by including people power from the beginning.

From excuses and quiet grumbles to confident contribution, our employee-engaging and change-enabling approach guides your organisation to a state of WOW with new and invigorated confidence.


  • Stakeholder Analysis and Management

  • Training Strategy and Design

  • Change Readiness Assessment and Strategy

  • Change Management Implementation and Monitoring

  • Communications Strategy and Planning

Process Improvement

We help you design and develop the process you need, from policy to workflows to cost-efficiency and technology use to governance.


Improvement comes from the inside out with an experienced view from the outside to inform you.


We develop process improvement strategies across resources to deliver the most effective solutions to your business. At Brains in A Jar, we don’t believe in a packaged, one-size-fits-all process—our approach is collaborative and always tailored to your needs.


We take process improvement seriously in our own organisation, and we know from experience that change is best managed by anticipating and preparing for impacts across your business.



  • Business Process Improvement and Implementation

  • Workflow Analysis

  • Business Process Re-engineering

  • Policy Development

  • New Process Development

  • Best Practice Assessment

  • Cost Reduction Analysis

  • Methodology Development

  • Systems and Technology Assessment

Program Management


We tailor our approach to ensure strong oversight and a smooth rollout. To establish strong program management oversight, we work with you to first articulate what your success should ultimately look like.


We help make sure the right people are on board to facilitate successful outcomes and work proactively to identify and address potential risks. Our broad program management experience, along with our proven methodologies and experience-based approach, ensures your goals are met and your expectations exceeded.



  • Project Management Strategy and Design

  • Program Governance Design

  • Program and Project Leadership

  • Implementation and Execution

  • Working Proactively to Strengthen Execution

Organisational Design

From mergers to succession planning to overall organisational alignment, we shed new light on your company's organisational challenges.

To help you drive successful organisational change, we enter your project without assumptions, getting to know your business from every angle. This allows us to challenge the status quo and shed new light on organisational challenges.


Whatever your company is facing—from mergers and acquisitions to new strategy rollout to upcoming retirement of key leaders—we bring the unique combined perspective of people engagement and business results to solve the issues of your unique situation.



  • Organisational Strategy and Design

  • Job Design

  • Workforce Planning and Succession Planning

  • Skills Assessment

  • Organisational Effectiveness and Alignment

  • Leadership Development and Alignment

  • Governance


We’ll partner with you and providers to determine the right combination of technologies for your business—from the tech that exists today to the emerging tech of tomorrow. 


What ever the requirements, BiAJ will provide vendor neutral, whole of business advice.


  • Innovation-as-a-Service

  • New IT Assessment

  • Technology/Vendor Selection

  • Analysis and Design

  • Solution Options

  • Tomorrow today: e.g. Blockchain, Web 3.0

brains in a jar wow robot

China - West - Culture Bridge

BiAJ has a special focus on Chinese investment in and out of Australia. Let BiAJ be your cultural bridge between China and Australian business. Let us guide the process for you with an in depth understanding of how both Australians and Chinese do business.

Investment Services

Brains in A Jar (BiAJ) can provide services to identify and scope potential investments in Australia and NZ in a broad range of industries and verticals.

If your organisation is ready to take the next big step, contact us to discuss funding options. BiAJ can provide access to a number of investment funds for the right organisation and project.

Innovation as a Service

New ways of thinking require a different perspective, only available outside the organisation. By questioning Everything, we provide a new view based on external experience as well as the customer perspective.


We deliver and create innovation in behavior, thinking, products and processes that are firmly evidence based.  We use a combination of cutting-edge and existing, proven methodologies & building blocks, that result in something totally new, unique and effective.


OVIP or Open Valued IP is a Method and Framework to Identify, Package, Share, Assess, Market and Sell your organisations IP.

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